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Colour comes in a huge variety of forms, from loose liquids like ink to solid substances like pastels. They all share one thing in common, which is pigment. Pigment is the foundation of colour and can be moulded into different mediums which then can be used to achieve different results.



  • Acrylic Paint
    <p>Acrylic paint dries fast and because of this it can be a forgiving medium to use. Its a great starting point for artists to begin learning how to mix colour and apply it but also a brilliant medium once mastered. You can clean your brushes and thin the paint down with water. </p>
  • Ink
    <p>Artist Ink is colour in liquid form and can be poured, brushed, sprayed or written onto your surface. inks are generally highly pigmented and offer a vibrant finish. Inks can be acrylic or alcohol based each having its own set of properties to work with. </p>
  • Watercolour
    <p>An extremely popular medium, transparent layering in washes of colour often accompanied by other water based mediums. Generally comes in liquid form in a tube which can then be mixed with water to thin down, or watercolour can often be presented in the form of a pigment block, which disburses when in contact with water. Watercolours must be used on water tolerant surfaces so the the excess moisture can be absorbed. </p>
  • Oil Colour
    <p>Oil products tend to take much longer to dry, they can be cleaned and thinned with turpentine, and are inter-mixable with other oil based products. Oil based products are fantastic for blending, creating gradients with ease. </p>
  • Pencil
    <p>Pencils come in all forms designed to be held by hand and written on to the surface, a light weight easy to use type of media with a lot of control and potential for detail.</p>
  • Pastel
    <p>Dry media, pastels are a powdery hand held stick of colour which transfers its colour to a surface when it makes contact, They can be blended and smudged and are available in several types. Hard and soft tend to be water based, and can be mixed with water for interesting effects, oil based pastels can be thinned with turpentine to effectively create oil colour.</p>
  • Pens / Markers
  • Pigment Powder
  • Gouche
  • Charcoal
  • Enamel

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