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  • Colour
    <p>Colour comes in a huge variety of forms, from loose liquids like ink to solid substances like pastels. They all share one thing in common, which is pigment. Pigment is the foundation of colour and can be moulded into different mediums which then can be used to achieve different results.</p>
  • Mediums
    <p>Mediums are liquid or solid substances which can be either mixed with pigment, and media or used as a finish on your art work. There are a whole host of different effects you can achieve ones which may take your art work to the next level.</p>
  • Application
    <p>Application a general term for any object which can be used to apply media, this is most commonly brushes and palette knives.</p>
  • Surfaces
    <p>In this section of our website you can select from a broad range of available surfaces to work on, each one designed to deal with a specific type of media. Because of the vast difference in behavior of each media surfaces need different properties to accommodate these behaviors. Water colour paper needs to tolerate being saturated, and therefore needs to have high absorbency. Where as pastel pastel paper needs to have a texture so it can adhere to the surface, to allow layering of colour. There are many types and there are also choices for each type of media. If you still are not sure about which one to pick you can always give us a call for advice.</p>
  • Easels
    <p>Easels are intended to be used as a holder for your work surface, so that it held in a place and angle of your choice. They create a comfortable work space and most can be adjusted to suit your position. Easels also can be divided down into different types for different environments like in a studio or outside.</p>
  • Storage
    <p>The storage category covers any aspect of storing and transporting your artwork. Some storage solutions are media specific and others are general purpose. If you want to keep your work place area tidy this is where you need to be.</p>
  • Accessories
    <p>A broad term which can cover quite a lot of tools and accessories, this section of our website shows you things you perhaps have not seen before. Tools which make your life a little easier as an artist. </p>
  • Printing
    <p>Printing covers both lino printing and screen printing. You can expect to find all the tools you need here.</p>
  • Modelling
    <p>In this section you can find all the tools and materials needed for modelling.</p>
  • Children

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