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Artist Ink Paint

Artist Ink is colour in liquid form and can be poured, brushed, sprayed or written onto your surface. inks are generally highly pigmented and offer a vibrant finish. Inks can be acrylic or alcohol based each having its own set of properties to work with. 



  • Acrylic Ink
    <p>Acrylic ink dries fast and is extremely loose, generally contained in glass bottles. It can be loaded into pens or spray guns, applied with a brush and mixed with other acrylic based mediums. Because of its fluid form artists are able to achieve unique results with this medium.</p>
  • Alcohol Based Ink
    <p>Alcohol ink has a much lighter density than acrylic ink, this causes the ink to flow much more freely it also causes amazing spontaneous effects when mixing colours together. Alcohol ink dries quickly and requires a special surface to work on. We currently sell "Yupo" pads which allow you to paint on the paper surface without any bleeding through. Alcohol ink does stain, so please be careful when using these products. </p>

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